What documents can be translated?

We work with all the types of documents. Depending on the nature of the document, we can offer a high-quality translation in the required topics: legal, technical, medical.

Terms of translation

Generally, one day is needed for translation of the document: translation is ready for the next day after the order. There are exceptions for such cases:

— large volume of orders;

— certified translation.

If necessary, the translation can be made during the day!


The cost of translation

If you have a standard, small document, the cost of the translation into a foreign language of one page is calculated at a fixed price.
Standard documents include:

— birth certificates, marriage certificates, certificates of marriage dissolution, certificates of change of name/surname, death certificates;

— abstract from the book of civil registration;

— statement of marital status;

— certificate of good conduct;

— certificates from bank, tax inspectorate;

— certificates from the place of residence;

— diplomas, certificates, statements.

Non-standard documents include:

— those, which the number of characters exceeds 1800 including spaces


Notarial certification of the translation costs 10 euros

You can precise the cost by calling or writing to us!