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Legalization of a document is a special procedure of drawing up of documents for its validity on the territory of countries that have not adopted the provision of the Hague Agreement. The legalization of documents means the confirmation of the document correspondence to the legislation by assurances of a signature or seal of the company or the authority of the country, where the document was issued.

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The legalization of documents is usually made in several steps:

— certification of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine;

— certification of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine;

— consular certification.

The list of documents needed to be provided for the beginning of the documents legalization:

— natural persons shall provide a power of attorney for representation of their interests in the ministries;

— original education documents of international pattern are legalized with a granted letter of appeal of a higher educational institution that issued the documents certified by the Ministry, which supervises the corresponding institution;

— legal entities shall provide a letter of authorization to commit the ministerial and consular legalization.


Documents that can be legalized:

from the notarial offices:

— notarial statement;

— power of attorney;

— notarized copy, etc.


court documents:

— court decision, etc.


for legal entities:

— certificate of state registration;

— registration documents;

— certificate from the statistics;

— certificate from the tax inspectorate;

— licenses, patents, etc.;

— statutes and others.


documents of natural persons:

— certificate issued by the archival institutions of Ukraine;

— health certificate;

— certificate issued by the authorities of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine;

— originals of documents on education;

— documents issued by the authorities of civil status registration.


Cost and terms of full ministerial legalization

Cost — 85 euros

for legal entities

  • 100 euros – takes 12 working days
  • 200 euros – takes 6 working days

Time frame for ministerial legalization is 8 working days.

Please, precise the cost of the legalization of the consulates by phone or e-mail.